C6th 041subject introduction

A media play a central role in contemporary culture, society and politics, shaping our perceptions of the world through the representations, ideas and points of view they offer. This course aims to explore how Media texts create meaning, and how their representations of the world affect audiences. You will also look at the economic and cultural context in which individual media texts operate, through the close analysis of a range of media texts – both ‘traditional’ media (newspapers, television, films,) and digital online media (blogs, websites). You will also develop practical production skills and will be required to produce your own media products.

The curriculum

In Year 12 you will study:

Media Products, Industries and Audiences

Section A: Analysing Media Language and representation.
You will look at advertising, marketing, music videos and newspapers and will answer two questions:

  • one question assessing media language in relation to an unseen audio-visual or print resource
  • one extended response comparison question assessing representation in one set product and an unseen audio-visual or print resource in relation to media contexts

Section B: Understanding Media Industries and Audiences
You will look at advertising, marketing, film, radio, video games – and media contexts.In the exam you will answer two questions:

  • one stepped question on media industries
  • one stepped question on audiences


This course follows the OCR syllabus with coursework representing 30% of the final grade and the examination 70%.


To enrich your studies in Media, you will have the opportunity to join our TV club and make TV shows in our studio. There are a wide range of visits and, for example, to TV studios and to film festivals. We will develop links with a range of local and national media organisations, including the British Film Institute and E17 Films, and students can participated in workshops, film festivals and residential with these partners.


The course is relevant to students considering a career in Media. It can lead directly to training, or to a place on a Media degree course. You will develop a range of skills on the course, which could lead to a number of different options in employment or Higher Education.

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