Parental Contribution and Sixth Form Charges


Christ’s Sixth Form Parent Contribution and Charges Guidelines 2018

We want to help students and their families plan ahead for the likely costs associated with sixth form study.  

There are three elements to the contributions we request from parents and carers.


The Sixth Form Development Fund

Requested from all students as a contribution to the cost of our enrichment programme



Charges for Sixth Form resources




£ by usage


Subject or activity specific charges



Revision Courses

£ varies

Most payments are made online through the school Scopay system. Students will be provided with a login when they register. Printing and lunch money can be added to their student ID card,using the cash loaders in school.

If your child is eligible for free school meals they can apply for a Sixth Form Bursary. The bursary fund will cover the cost of all school trips including student development activities. If you have any concerns about paying for the Enrichment Programme please contact Mr Morris at

1. The Sixth Form Student Development Fund

At Christ’s Sixth Form we devote five periods over two weeks to enrichment and super curricular activities. This programme is designed to focus the development of the student with activities that enhance university, apprenticeship and job applications.  

Students can sign up to a number of individual societies or whole-school programmes such as careers talks, visiting speakers, self-improvement courses, such as first aid training, and sport/ wellbeing programmes such as yoga. We also continue to offer Work Experience and support the UCAS application process at the end of Year 12 into Year 13. In order to ensure the continuity of this well developed enrichment programme we ask for a voluntary contribution of £50 a year. This replaces the need to repeatedly ask for small sums throughout the year.

The fund will be used to pay for the following initiatives and administration costs:

  • PIXL graduate programme and membership
  • Set-up/ resourcing and running (e.g. printing cost) of societies such as book club, film club, TED club, student newspaper, art club, chess club amongst others.
  • Borough Leadership Conference
  • Hire of specialised coaching sessions for yoga and boxercise.
  • Costs of Sixth Form drama workshops and productions
  • Visiting speakers
  • Work Experience administration and programme (July Year 12)
  • UCAS application fee
  • Transport to and from the “World of Work” event.
  • Transport to and from the “Safe drive, stay alive” event.
  • Science Crest Award
  • Student kitchen facilities
  • Student study resources
  • UCAS Higher Education Fairs at Richmond College and Emirates Stadium
  • University visits and transport
  • Sixth form induction activities

Please note all the activities and events are accurate at the time of going to press. Additional events/ initiatives may be added to the programme through the course of the year

2. General Resources


Locker rental will be £10 for two years. We needs to be paid in the first week of term online via Scopay.


Students will be provided with £2.00 worth of photocopying per term (approx. 180 copies). If they run out they can top up their accounts using their student cards in the same way as they add to credit for food for the canteen.


It is advisable for all Sixth Form students to have their own headphones for use with the IT facilities.

3.1 Subject Specific Charges

These costs are indicative.


There will be at least two planned trips for Yr 12 and 13 Art and Design students to London galleries to support project work in the first term. Students are then encouraged throughout the year to visit galleries regularly and independently, agreed study periods can also be used for this. We highly recommend a range of Art equipment at home for study support, although all equipment and materials will be provided by the School for all outcomes.

Each year the Sixth Form participate in workshops run by Kingston University staff culminating in a small exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston. Through these contacts at Christ’s we are able to offer free summer school places to students at Kingston university for students wishing to apply to creative courses post A level. Yr13 will this year have the opportunity to attend Tate Gallery portfolio support days prior to UCAS applications.


Textbooks are provided for student use, both in lessons and for independent study. Lost or damaged books will be replaced at a cost of £20.00 per book. The student will be required to make this payment. All students are encouraged to invest in purchasing good lever arch folders, file dividers, pencil case, stationery and a mathematical calculator – all to the tune of about £28.00 over two years.

Lab coats and safety goggles are provided for student use but must not be taken away.

Students will need to purchase a lab book (£3).

Exam revision booklets will also be on sale and will cost approximately £3.

Finally, each student is expected to attend a compulsory residential field trip which will cost £225.


Students will need £15 to buy an optional revision book. Students will need to pay £15 for exam packs and other photocopied resources.


Students will need approximately £20 for additional textbooks plus travel costs for visits. Students will require a calculator. A subscription to the Economist is recommended.

English Literature  

£25-£30 per year should cover the cost for exam and coursework texts. In addition students will need to pay for theatre visits and revision guides which they choose to purchase.


Students should budget about £60-£80 per year for books, booklets, past examination papers and photocopying. This includes the cost of a good dictionary. Details of books and recommended dictionary are included in the handbook issued to all students.  

There are various extra-curricular activities organised in London such as theatre, cinema, exhibition visits and conferences. Students should budget around £300 if they wish to join the exchange trip to France and do work experience there.


Field trips will cost approximately £250 over 2 years and two text books for AS and A2 will cost around £25 each.

Government and Politics

Students will be making a trip to Westminster to have a tour and tea with the local MP.

Please allow for purchasing two quality A4 folders per year and multiple A4 writing pads!

Core text books, and periodicals (The Economist and Politics Today) will be provided as part of the course, but students should allow an additional £30 per year for strongly recommended further reading (Heywood Politics in AS, and Baylis and Smith Globalisation of World Politics in A2). 


Year 12: For the History course students are expected to provide two lever-arch folders, two sets of file dividers, and their own lined paper. It is anticipated that these costs will not exceed £15. Students will be provided with one textbook, but are recommended to buy at least one more, at a cost of £15. A total of £30 is recommended for this course.

Year 13: For the History course students are expected to provide two lever-arch folders, one set of file dividers and their own lined paper. These costs should not exceed £15. Students will be provided with one textbook, but may wish to supplement with others, particularly for their coursework. We recommend a budget of £40 for these books. If a trip is organised it will be local and therefore will not exceed £15. A total of £70 is recommended for this course.


Textbooks cost £50 per year and students will need a suitable calculator. It is essential that students buy booklets of past papers which cost approximately £10 and provide their own paper/notebooks.  A4 exercise books for homework will be provided.

Further Maths  

Students are expected to buy textbooks for the course. The estimated cost of these is £60 per year. A good scientific calculator is also required.  

Philosophy and Ethics

Students will need to purchase at least two introductory texts which cost approximately £25 each, but these will cover both AS and A2. There may be trips to conferences and religious sites which will involve some expense (eg travel and food) which should not exceed £50 for each year of the course.


Students will attend an OCR day revision course in March/April time which will cost approximately £25 per student.

Students can purchase books for research; a list of these is available from the Christ's School PE reading list. Books for independent research are available from the school library, however students will be given their own OCR PE Revision book which they must sign for at the start of the course and give back to the PE department when they have finished their final exam.


Students will need to budget £40 for books over the two years. A £10 payment to cover photocopying costs should be made at the start of the course. Students will also need to purchase a lab book (£3) and goggles (£5.45). Exam booklets will also be on sale and will cost approximately £3.


Students will need to pay for one textbook, approximately £25 for each year and revision conferences and trips as required.


Students should budget about £60.00-£80 per year for books, booklets, past examination papers and photocopying, including the cost of a good dictionary. Details of books and recommended dictionary are included in the handbook issued to all students.  

There are various extra-curricular activities organised in London such as theatre, cinema, exhibition visits and conferences. Students should budget around £30 per year for these. (Prices are for 2017).

3.2 Individual Activity Charges

Most trips are included in individual subjects but occasionally trips are not subject specific and are targeted to groups of students by interest. Students usually only pay for transport. Examples of trips run in 2017/18 include:

  • British Airways aviation insight day
  • Oxford and Cambridge Conference
  • Architecture Experience

The cost of these trips are usually less than £10 each and students are unlikely to do more than two trips in a single academic year.

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