PSA Key Dates 2019-2020

Friday 8th November - Christ's Fireworks Evening

Date Event Time Location
08/11/19 Fireworks Evening 6:00 - 9:00pm Christ's School Field
08/10/19 Fireworks Planning 7:30 - 9:30pm Contact PSA
04/10/19 PSA Coffee Morning 9.00-12noon The White Horse, Richmond
20/10/19 Quiz Night 7:30 -10:30 pm

Christ's School

10/09/19 Quiz Night Planning 7:30 - 9:30pm

The White Horse, Worple Way, 

Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6DF




  • 10:03 PM - 6th April, 2020 Monday’s .. watch Mr Sedour complete the press up challenge. You need to see how many press-ups you can complete in 30 seconds and upload your video to the drive as evidence. Press-up leaderboard: 1. Mr Sedour: 25 in 30 seconds 💪🏻 Read more
  • 01:59 PM - 5th April, 2020 A brilliant 2 weeks of from our fantastic students Excited about what's to come! The English team are missing our wonderful classes, though. Keep up the great work! ⭐
  • 02:52 PM - 3rd April, 2020 Fridays is out now! Here is S. Price (student) completing as many shots she can in one minute! If you don’t have a post be creative! We are happy to receive trick shots on this challenge as well! You have until Monday 6th April. Read more
  • 10:44 AM - 3rd April, 2020 All of our coronavirus content for young people struggling with their mental health is now together in one place. Here you can find tips, advice and where to get support during this outbreak. Read more