Remote Learning Plan

 Remote Teaching & Learning Contingency Plan

1. Individual staff have symptoms: 

  • set work for all classes on Google Classroom from home if well enough to do so. If unwell and unable to set work, ask the Head of Department to do so.

2. If individual students have to self-quarantine 

  • teachers will set work on google classroom. The work set will follow the same curriculum as taught to the rest of the class.( *teachers must save seating plans on Edulink )

3. If a year group is sent home:

  • teachers will continue to deliver the curriculum to that year group “live” through Google Meets

4. In the event of  full closure of school:

  •  teachers will follow a blended approach to delivering their curriculum to each year group. 

  • Lessons will be scheduled for access by students by 8.30 each day

  • On-line lessons will last approximately 30 minutes live (or set 1 hours work to cover two lessons) Additional Challenge (extension) work should be part of every lesson.

The minimum expectations of the blended curriculum for each year group is as follows:


Curriculum (academic)

Curriculum (pastoral)



12 and 13

All lessons should be taught *live through Google Meet and should follow the normal timetable.

Tutors “meet” tutors group “live” at 2.30 every day for 5-10 minutes for daily catch up. (key messages; set up PD session; reading) 


Weekly CW from TRU/SLT

Weekly CW from HOY

Weekly C/C session from MMO


PSWs to contact all high vulnerable/key students identified from return to school /previous lockdown at least once


HOYs to contact students once who did not engage well during last lockdown

Students and staff can have cameras and microphones on to maximise interaction.

A minimum of 1 piece of assessed work/feedback per fortnight for all English, Maths and Science classes through Google Classroom. 

Assessment arrangements for other subjects are outlined in Department remote learning plans

Year 11

All lessons should be taught *live through Google Meet and should follow the normal timetable.

Students and staff can have cameras and microphones on to maximise interaction.

Year 10

At least 50% of lessons per fortnight taught *live for all subjects. Recorded lessons and other tasks make up the rest of the curriculum. 

Staff can choose if students have cameras and microphones on or off during lessons.

Year 7,8 & 9

In English, Maths and Science, a minimum of one lesson a week will be taught as a live lesson through Google Meet. The rest of the curriculum will be taught as a blend of recorded lessons and  other activities.

In other subjects, a minimum of one lesson a fortnight will be taught as a live lesson(*)

* Live lessons will not be possible for some practical subjects.

Cameras and microphones should be turned off by students unless staff request individuals to do otherwise

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