2021 Physical Challenge/Minibus Appeal

Set your own ‘2021’ physical challenge

Get moving to keep Christ’s moving! Minibus Appeal

Over the 30 days of June, individually or as a collective group of family or friends, choose your own combination of physical activities totalling ‘2021’ in terms of time, distance and/or number. For example, this could be...

67 minutes per day running, cycling and/or walking (your dog!)

500 reps of push-ups/squats/crunches per week

33 total hours of your favourite team, group or solo sports/exercise

81 lengths of a 25m pool

1010 each if split between 2 people/505 each if shared between 4

We are raising money to help replace one of the Christ’s minibuses (at a cost of £25k) to make it more eco-friendly and ULEZ compliant, so please ask your friends, family and neighbours for sponsorship! As the minibuses are mainly used for sporting trips, the PE department are supporting this initiative –Mr Smith will be awarding House achievement points to students who participate and to those who come up with the most inventive way to reach ‘2021’! 

"The minibuses are absolutely vital to the PE Department, enabling us to compete at borough, regional and national level across a range of sports. Without them much of our competitive sport would be impossible. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far. Thank you!" Tom Smith, Assistant Head & Head of PE

If you wish to submit your challenge diary/activity log to Mr Smith, please use the activity log/sponsorship form that can be found and downloaded at the bottom of this page and either printed out at home, filled in by hand then scanned in/photo uploaded or the document can be saved and updated/amended on a computer and then e-mail directly after the end of June to tsmith@christs.school

We have set up a Pay Pal Money Pool for sponsors to easily pay in sponsorship money by the end of the summer term (21st July). Feel free to share this link with your supporters, no Paypal account is needed. Alternatively, direct donations can be made to the "PSA 2021 Minibus Appeal" on your child's Scopay account.


2021 challenge poster

Page Downloads Date  
2021 Activity diary/sponsor form 26th May 2021 Download
  • 07:39 PM - 10th September, 2021 Great day out with our new year 12s. Lots of and team bonding. Kudos earned by the 6th form tutors and HoY taking a fully clothed plunge! Read more
  • 07:15 AM - 10th September, 2021 I met my first new Year 7 English class today. 🌟 In-person. 🌟 In the library. It was wonderful! They were so excited to talk about Boy 87, their summer reading book - & to meet next week!
  • 05:18 PM - 8th September, 2021 Ready, hold steady, go! Brilliant to welcome our 90 new year 12s and we are full to capacity! (Delayed tweet- they started on Monday, but we are still 😊)! Read more
  • 02:22 PM - 7th September, 2021 We're offering school tours for Year 6 families instead of our traditional Open Evening on Thursday 23rd September. Visit Read more to book your place. Tickets are limited and entry is strictly by ticket only. All attendees including children must have a ticket.
  • 02:14 PM - 7th September, 2021 Have you ever considered becoming a mentor to a young person? Here at we are looking for volunteers to mentor some of our young people. Use this form to apply to take part. Read more Read more