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Abi - Year 13

I have enjoyed being part of the Sixth Form Leadership Team and enjoyed playing an important role in the development of the Sixth Form as well as inspiring younger students. It has been an enjoyable challenge leading with this new role and introducing the Sixth Form at open evenings and other public events. Organising the prom has been good fun and I have enjoyed the responsibility of planning the event and running the budget which is something I am sure will benefit me when I'm at university.

Alex - Year 13

At Christ's School there is a strong sense of community. All of the students feel comfortable talking to the teachers about any problems they have and we know they work very hard to help us in every way they can. I think the support offered to the students is excellent and we all feel comfortable talking to our teachers about any problems we have. Also Sixth Formers have the opportunity to mentor younger students who need help in a particular subject or some other support to enable them to achieve their potential. I feel this is a great way for us to develop new skills.

Clare - Year 13

The house system helps to involve the Sixth Form students in the wider school community through team work and creativity. It encourages us to support and care for each other. I feel it is really great as a Sixth Former to have strong connection with the lower school pupils through the house system and it helps the younger ones get to know us and look to us a role models.

Issy - Year 13

Christ's is great because there's a real community feel. Everyone gets along and we enjoy socialising together across the year groups. I really feel that everyone is very happy to be at Christ’s and comfortable around the other students and staff. Everyone makes an effort to make one another feel at home and ensure everyone is included. The size of the Sixth Form makes it possible for us all to have a good relationship with our teachers and peers.

Megan - Year 13

All my classes at Christ's are small, particularly my French class which is just four students. The small classes really allow us to be given individual feedback and discuss our work and progress in more detail. Another benefit is that we get to know the teacher and can build a really good relationship. and I think this helps me get more out of my lessons. We also get one on one help with our oral exams and can plan individual programmes to help us when we go abroad. I was able to combine my love of French and History in a trip to Paris.

Owen - Year 13

The teaching in the Sixth Form is personalised with a strong focus on each individual which has really helped me develop academically. The personalised learning at Christ’s has given me the opportunity for several levels of support varying from 1-1 mentoring and small group sessions to catch up classes and independent study. The wide range of resources on offer has enabled me to tailor my education to suit my requirements.

Sophie - Year 13

One of the many brilliant things about Christ's is that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the Leadership Team or take on a additional responsibilities. There are countless opportunities - for the brave there are the roles of Head Girl and Boy and other leadership roles. For those who prefer different challenges there are schemes to read with younger years, mentor or take on the role of a teaching assistant in the lower school.

Will - Year 13

I’ve been given many great opportunities to enhance my studies such as subject relevant trips, some of the highlights have been a tour of the national Synchrotron science facility at Diamond Source and a tour of Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. On both of these trips it was interesting to see engineering in action and see how to apply knowledge. Apart from learning a lot, these trips have helped me focus on what I want to do career-wise and what I want to study at university. It has also helped me to build up plenty of evidence for my personal statement.

Will - Year 13

It is really easy to ask any member of staff for advice about what you'd like to do in the future and we also get to meet a good range of professionals who provide guidance. We have been on a variety of trips, everything from the Royal Veterinary School through to Engineering Seminars and theatre workshops. We have had lots of outside advice from people who work in a variety of industries which has been very useful in helping with decisions about degrees and subjects to study for a future career.



Img 8985ceOur Sixth Form is now in its fifth year and has expanded to over 150 students in Years 12 and 13 and will be close to our capacity of 180 students in the next academic year. We are always delighted with the enormous benefits these students bring to the whole school community.

Our staff are thoroughly enjoy teaching the A level programme to small dedicated classes, and our Sixth Formers are not only relishing the academic challenges but are finding time to be positive role models, helping our younger students and working as ambassadors for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, the Arts and Sport.


It is with great pride that we have sent our four groups of Year 13 students off to study at universities across the country, including students who are now studying at Cambridge or in Medicine. 24% are now studying at top Russell group universities. Having achieved over 50% A*-B grades, our alumni are now studying degrees ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Politics and French. We are also extremely proud of students who have been successful on gaining apprenticeship places at blue-chip companies such as Mercedes.


The Sixth Form are split into small mentor groups who meet through the week as a group and then once every half term for individual sessions with their mentor to discuss academic progress, enrichment opportunities and address any concerns.

We have a strong Sixth Form leadership team, led by our head students. This team helps with Sixth Form development but also forges student links with the lower school, runs collective worships and charity events.


Our purpose-built Sixth Form houses a fully equipped learning resource centre and study space as well as an open plan social area which looks out onto the Sixth Form garden. There are also seminar rooms for A level teaching and three new Science labs equipped for A level study. Other facilities, developed for the benefit of whole of the school are a new drama space, an activity studio, additional changing rooms and IT suites. Students have access to PCs and iPads together with a variety of books, journals and online material to support their independent study.


We are able to offer a good selection of traditional academic A levels and two BTEC courses. We run a varied enrichment programme which includes extra-curricular opportunities, leadership roles, and subject-related events for super-curricular development. Our relatively small size as a Sixth Form allows us to personalise much of the advice and support we give.

I am heartened by the enthusiastic and committed approach to Sixth Form life by our students and delighted to be leading a dedicated team of staff and governors who continually work on ensuring outstanding outcomes for our Sixth Form students.

James Butler


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