World Challenge 2016

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This year a group of Year 11 students from Christ's School will be participating on a World Challenge event. The group have been raising funds since Year 10 to join a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.

The students are responsible for all fundraising for the trip, researching the area they are going to and are involved with the itinerary planning process.

Whilst there the students will have time to acclimatise to the area before they participate in do project work to help the local community. After this is completed they will have some time for trekking and exploring the local area. To find out more about World Challenge, click here.

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  • 02:39 PM - 21st July, 2017 Looking forward to seeing that Louis. Looks amazing!
  • 02:39 PM - 21st July, 2017 A BIG well done to for achieving the FULL award of with - great end to the school year
  • 02:37 PM - 20th July, 2017 Thanks Mrs McGrail. Over used phrase, but she is an absolute legend!! Happy retirement. Read more
  • 11:31 AM - 18th July, 2017 Thanks to for organising such a wonderful event yesterday. Another one next year please! Read more
  • 11:30 AM - 18th July, 2017 Our English department has joined twitter. Looking forward to sharing some amazing work and success! Read more