Christ’s School Spirituality Statement

The vision for Christ’s School is rooted in John 10:10, where Jesus tells us that he has come that we may have ‘life to the full’. 

As a church school, we believe that spirituality is a central facet of human existence. We believe that all people are created in the image of God. As a trinitarian God, relationship and spirituality is at the heart of God’s character. As such, all his children are created in His likeness to be in relationship with Him and with one another, and to connect spiritually with Him and the world He created. 

Despite it being a profoundly human experience, it is not always easy to define what spirituality means and it can mean different things to different people. At Christ’s School we believe that:

  • Spirituality is personal, experienced by everyone and is not limited to particular religions or faith groups.
  • Spirituality is about a connection to things beyond ourselves, including God, and a sense of belonging and purpose in this world. 
  • Spiritual development is a key part of our vision that every member of our family can experience ‘life to the full’.

All adults and students are given the opportunity to develop spiritually throughout their time at Christ’s School and the school aims to support all members of the Christ’s family to develop spiritually.

  • We all contribute to our ethos based on the values of love, justice and peace.
  • We all explore these values and beliefs, including religious beliefs, and the way they impact on our lives and others.
  • We respect our differences and are tolerant of other beliefs, faiths and views.
  • We celebrate our diversity, especially through our equalities councils and equalities days. 
  • We promote learning opportunities through the curriculum to allow us to ask deep questions. 
  • We pursue a BFL policy which is based on restorative justice, always seeking forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • We aim to be positive role models for each other and understand the perspectives and experiences of those around us. 

For students there are rich opportunities. Spiritual development is closely linked to our personal development program, and gives students the opportunity to examine the relationships and values they consider to be important. It also serves to develop personal characteristics, including qualities such as empathy and compassion, learn new concepts, knowledge and skills, and give students the opportunity to adapt, change or cement attitudes towards key world issues. 

For both staff and students, Collective Worship is central to the spirituality of the school as a whole. Collective Worship is a unique space in school to pause, reflect and pray, united as one school family. All Collective Worships strive to be inclusive, invitational and inspirational, encouraging the school community to engage with things beyond themselves, whether the Christian faith, contemporary world issues, or the diverse experiences of members of our family. These are often inspired and led by the passions of particular staff and students, creating opportunities for our school family to connect with one another in a way not possible in the everyday life of school. 

For staff, spiritual growth and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Each academic year begins with a whole staff liturgy, led by our Chaplain, that provides a space to engage with the hope, dreams and purpose of the upcoming school year, and share in a united vision for the work of staff and the lives of the students they serve. 

For all, the Chapel remains a set apart, open and welcoming space for every member of Christ's family to seek counsel, prayer and rest. It provides a place to ask life's big questions with no judgement, to engage daily with matters of spirituality, identity and relationship.

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