Catch Up Premium

Catch Up Premium Overview

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium provides schools with an additional £500 for each Year 7 student who did not achieve at Expected National Standards in reading and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

At Christ’s School the additional funding was put towards the cost of our English and Maths intervention lessons, where students received intensive and targeted specialist subject support in small groups.

In addition, the school ran a weekly paired reading programme where trained Year 10 mentors read with the Year 7 “Catch Up” students on a weekly basis.

Catch Up Premium Grant for Christ’s School 2017-18: £8,392

2017-18 Catch Up Premium Impact

Maths Intervention: Of the 6 Year 7 students who met with a specialist Maths teacher for intervention lessons; 5 made progress from their starting points in September.

English Intervention: 7 students were targeted for English intervention; this programme of support included:

  • Specialist reading support from an English teacher; this was designed to improve their confidence to read as well as to help them to prepare for their English summer term curriculum.
  • Specialist support from an English teacher to improve their written English; the focus for these sessions was spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as comprehension work.
  • A paired reading programme with Year 10 reading mentors; this programme was overseen by our Literacy Co-ordinator and involved weekly reading sessions on a 1-1 basis with our Year 10 students.

Impact following intervention programme:

  • 6 of the 7 reported an increase in their confidence to read in front of their peers.
  • 1 student exceeded his end of Year target grade; 1 met his target grade; 4 made progress towards their target grade and 1 made no progress.

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium Plan 2018-19

In September 2018 11 Year 7 students have been identified as needing additional Maths intervention and 12 have been targeted for English intervention which will form part of their catch up programme.

This intervention will start in September; those students will receive one additional lesson per week of Maths and/or English, delivered by a specialist teacher.

In addition, those who have not met the national standard “scaled score” for reading will follow the intensive “Bedrock” reading programme which will teach and build vocabulary explicitly whilst encouraging reading. This curriculum will teach, assess and allow for data driven interventions at a personal level.


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