School Uniform

Christ111Christ115Christ’s School has a strict uniform policy. We believe this helps students take a pride in their appearance and promotes a positive mage of our school.

Pupils are expected to wear the full uniform tidily at all times.

Trainers are not acceptable as school shoes. Trousers should be normal school trousers: denim or cord type material is not acceptable.

All students must wear the approved school uniform that is sold through our uniform supplier Stevensons. Details of how to buy can be found below under 'How To Order'.


Christ's uniform supplier is Stevensons. Stevensons, has both a flagship store in the centre of Twickenham and an online store. 

Stevensons can be found at 1-15 Heath Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4DB or online at The store is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00-5:30.

They can be contacted via email or telephone 020 8892 2201.

We have introduced a new range of non-compulsory PE kit which can be purchased directly from Raging Bull. These items can only be worn on PE days.

School Uniform

  • royal blue blazer with school badge
  • black school trousers - students are not permitted to wear tight-fitting 'skinny jeans' type trousers or leggings and denim or cord is not acceptable
  • navy pleated school skirt with school badge (no shorter than the top of the knee)
  • collared white shirt/blouse
  • school house tie (length must be at least 5 stripes):
    • red stripe = Dickens House
    • green stripe = Attenborough House
    • blue (sky) stripe = Elizabeth House
    • yellow stripe = Turing House
  • school blue v neck pullover with the school badge - students are not permitted to wear any other type of jumper including the Christ's crew neck PE sweater with 'Christ's' written on the back
  • formal black shoes - high heels or 'wedge' type shoes are not permitted. Any form of sports/ leisure branded trainer/ shoe are also not permitted. A common example of inappropriate footwear is the Nike Air Force casual shoe. Whilst some retailers are advertising this product as a shoe however, it is a trainer and is NOT permitted. The image below shows an example of footwear which is NOT apprpriate


  • dark socks
  • navy backpack with the school badge (Years 7-9)

PE Kit

  • house rugby shirt:
    • navy/red panel = Dickens House
    • navy/green panel = Attenborough House
    • navy/sky panel = Elizabeth House
    • navy/yellow panel = Turing House
  • navy shorts with Christ's logo
  • house polo shirt:
    • navy/red panel = Dickens House
    • navy/green panel = Attenborough House
    • navy/sky panel = Elizabeth House
    • navy/yellow panel = Turing House
  • navy blue socks
  • trainers
  • optional: navy jogging bottoms & navy sweatshirt with school badge

In addition, we have introduced a new range of non-compulsory PE items which can be purchased directly from Raging Bull. These include:

  • Technical PE and Dance shirts
  • Christ's School PE hoody
  • Girls Sports Leggings
  • Christ's School Technical Mid Layer
  • PE Kit Bag
  • Microfibre Towel
  • Christ's School Bobble Hat

Summer Uniform

  • Sky blue polo shirt with school badge
  • Tailored grey school shorts with school badge. These are optional. Please note only those purchased from Stevensons are allowed. Shorts only to be worn in the Summer Term

Please also note

  • Hooded tops (rather than zip jackets) are not permitted unless they are Christ's branded PE hoodies worn as part of the PE kit
  • Jackets can only be worn outside the school buildings and only during break and lunchtimes (not between lessons). Jackets must only be worn over the Christ's school blazer
  • No outer layer clothing is to be worn under the Christ's School blazer
  • Hats, gloves, scarves, caps  and other clothing accessories must be removed upon entering the school building
  • Belts must be black and the belt buckle must be flat and basic
  • Students are not allowed to wear nail varnish and will be asked to remove it
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted for health and safety reasons
  • Make up is also not allowed and students will be asked to remove it
  • The only jewellery permitted is a pair of stud earrings; one stud type piercing per earlobe only and no hoop or 'dangling' type earrings are permitted
  • Nose piercings are not permitted. If your child already has a nose piercing they must wear a clear flat-head plug)
  • Hair colour must be a natural shade even if highlighted (pink/ green/ blue/ red/ bleach blonde are examples of prohibited colours). Hairstyles should not be extreme.


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