Able and Ambitious

As a Church of England school our mission is to be where each individual is valued and respected. We meet the needs of all our learners by offering them opportunity to learn and develop in order to fulfil their potential We will celebrate skills, talents and successes within a community founded on Christian values.

Christ’s School vision for gifted and talented is to help stretch and challenge all students by focusing on the provision for the more able and thus enhance the learning experience for all students. The very notion of the term ‘able and ambitious' can be controversial but our aim of is not to create a group of elite students who are burdened by a title, but to ensure that students are stretched and challenged.

Definition of able and ambitious Pupils

At Christ’s we identify the top 5-10% of students in each year group by reviewing a variety of data (for example; KS2 data provided from primary school, Fisher Family Trust data, KS3 data) and parent and teacher observations. In addition, each department has a separate, more detailed, set of criteria for identifying an A&A student for that particular subject.

Teaching ABLE and AMBITIOUS Children

Each department provides provision for the more able students by including lesson strategies in their schemes of work; differentiating class work and homework accordingly as well as offering enrichment opportunities within and outside of the class room.

Our Able and Ambitious Policy can be read below.

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