Our Chaplain

At Christ's School we have a School Chaplain - Clare Banner who works in the school three days a week. Clare's primary task in the school is to provide pastoral care for the students and staff, to develop the spiritual life of the school in ways that meet the needs of the school community and to help build relations with the wider community. Clare banner

Before joining Christ's, Clare spent five years in Cambridge; three of these she spent as a student, and the other two doing Student Ministry at a busy, city centre church. Here she enjoyed working closely with students, providing pastoral support, biblical wisdom and sharing her knowledge of Cambridge's best coffee shops.

She has since returned to London and has mostly recently worked in the tech industry for a start-up supporting charities with their fundraising. Clare is excited about her new role at Christ's, most specifically about the opportunity to work with young people again. She brings a wealth of ministry experience from her time in Cambridge, many summers spent volunteering on youth camps, and her clergy husband, Sam, who is based in a Central London church. Clare cannot wait to begin developing relationships with staff, students and parents, and is excited to begin to see what God is doing in and through each of their lives, and Christ's community as a whole. 

Outside of school Clare is a keen hockey player, captaining a local side. She is a fan of good food, and quality coffee, and enjoys the freedom of cycling in London, and even more so the freedom of cycling out of London!

In all she does, she enjoys the simple mantra of Romans 12:12 to help her find perspective in every situation; 'be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful through prayer'.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact Clare via email at: cbanner@christs.school